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To get into Greece you will need:

a) proof of vaccination, OR

b) proof of anti bodies.


You can fly to Athens, Mykonos or Santorini, and from there you can take a domestic flight or a boat to get to the island.

If you fly to Athens and you have a connecting flight to Paros there is no problem, but if you leave the airport of Athens to continue your travel a day later, maybe (depending on the country you come from) you need to do a test again.



General information

You can fly in 30 minutes from Athens to Paros, or you can take a boat to Paros from several places. You will enjoy a wonderful vacation without mass tourism. Even in the high season during July and August, it has nothing to do with the mass tourism of for example the Spanish or Italian coast, or Mykonos and Santorini. On Paros there are no buildings or hotels with more than two floors. You will find no nightlife or discotheques in Aliki. Just a few nice restaurants, small bars and a few of the most beautiful beaches of the island. Beatiful weather May - November.


Fly to greece

You can choose between three different destinations to fly to: Athens (all year), Mykonos or Santorini (only high season).


From Athens you can take an domestic flight of 30 minutes to Paros (and back) with Sky ExpressOlympicAir or her partner AegeanAir.


From Athens (Pireaus/Rafina) and Mykonos and Santorini you can take the boat to Paros

Check here to see the boat timetables from Athens (Piraeus), from Athens (Rafina), from Mykonos or from Santorini.



If you wish to travel from the Netherlands you can fly with TransaviaKLMSwissAirOlympicAirAegeanAirRyanAir and Lufthansa.


TIP: If you book swiftly and you can be somewhat open in the data, you can go for around 200 euro's return flight with Transavia. Alternatively, check the sites of Tix.nlD-tripsFlyshopViva and Cheaptickets for different options.


* If you are traveling from England you can find cheap flights with EasyJet, direct from London all Airports to Athens and Santorini. Tui is flying from different places all over the UK to Athens. Or check the cheap tickets site Viva.

* If you are traveling from France EasyJet is also possible. Or check the cheap tickets site Viva.

* Other countries check the cheap tickets site Viva.


If you've arrived in Athens and want to continue to Paros by plain

The fastest way to get from Athens to Paros is to take a connecting flight. This is possible with Sky ExpressOlympicAir or partner Aegeanair. The flight takes about 30 minutes. They fly up to four times per day, but seats are limited so try to book early.


If you've arrived in Greece and continue traveling by boat

If you fly directly to Mykonos or Santorini (the two closest islands with an international airport), you can take a boat to Paros from there. From Mykonos to Paros takes about 45 minutes and from Santorini to Paros takes about 2-3 hours. Up to date travel times can also be found on the site of Polostours. If for some reason you can not travel the same day from these islands to Paros, do not worry, because there are nice hotels where you can stay one or two nights. This way you avoid Athens and you can instantly enjoy your holiday, although on another Greek island. Flying to Mykonos and then the boat to Paros is the fastest way to get to Paros. On arrival at Mykonos airport there are not to many taxi's. But there is a shuttle bus from the airport to the old port, where you can have a drink and enjoy the view and see Mykonos for a moment. From there every 30 minutes goes a small fishing boat (15 minutes) from the old port to the new port. This is allready the real holiday feeling when you are on this small boat. Trust me, I did it myself ;-) And after you have seen the hustle and buzzle of Mykonos, you will apreciate the beauty and calmness of Paros even more.


With the boat from Athens: there are 2 ports form where you can take a boat; Piraeus, the old port in the centre of Athens, and Rafina, more close to the airport. The ferries from Rafina are generally smaller than the boats from Piraeus (Athens) and go less often, but also the travelling time is less, so it is worth checking out the boats from Rafina as well.

It takes about 1 - 1.5 hours by subway or bus X96 from the airport to get to Piraeus port. About 45 minutes from the airport to Raffina.

From Piraeus to Paros it takes 4 hours by regular boat and about 3 hours by High Speed boat. These High Speed boats are therefore slightly more expensive per seat. Look on the internet for the ferrys from Piraeus and Rafina to Paros. If you have a credit card you can book your boat tickets online.


If you want to go by boat, you can also get information about the ferries upon arrival at the airport. You can also buy your boat tickets there, for the outward and return journey. When passing through the glass doors of the arrival, go left (inside the building of the airport) and you will find a number of offices that sell boat tickets. Then you are sure of a ticket and the best connection for the boat. Do not forget to ask about the second port Rafina. Especially during the high season (July / August) it is better to buy tickets at the airport, then in the harbor.


The taxi from the airport to the port of Athens (Piraeus) costs about 40 Euro.


There is also a good bus and subway connection between the airport and Piraeus, and this costs about 8 euro per person, for the subway about 10 euros pp. Bus X96 run 24 hours a day from the airport to Piraeus. Bus X95 runs 24 hours a day from the airport to the center of Athens, the last stop is at Syntagma square. You can also spend some time in the center of Athens and take another day bus 40 from Syntagma Square to Pireaus, to continue your travelling.

Hotels in Athens

There is a hotel within walking distance from the airport, but it is not cheap; Sofitel.


Adonis hotel is a simple, not expensive hotel in the centre of Athens. You can enjoy breakfast on the roof terrace with view to the Acropolis and you are in the middle of the centre and the area Plaka, with lots of shops and restaurants.


If you have to spend the night on the mainland, and have to take the boat the next morning, it is best to spend the night in one of the two ports; Piraeus or Rafina. On this site you will find surely a hotel that is suitable for you in Piraeus. Do not forget to indicate an area in Athens to make the search easier:

Arrived on Paros



Due to Covid, we are not allowed to come and pick you up ourselves.


If you want us to arrange a taxi waiting for you (25 €) on arrival with a sign with your name, please let us know latest 24 hrs in advance.


The bus station is right next to the harbor and a ride to Aliki cost about 2 euros p.p. The bus runs several times a day up and down. Aliki has a few bus stops, so tell the driver in which hotel you stay, and he will tell you when to get off. Click here for up to date bus timetable.


If you prefer to have your own transportation, you can also rent a car with Chaniotis car rental. Please e-mail well in advance so that this car will be waiting for you on arrival. Here you can also rent a bike, quad or bicycle.


Extra information: The 15th of August is a national Greek holiday, with a big party on Paros because of the celebration of Mary in the church of Parikia (the port of Paros). Many Greek people traveling around that time, and it will be difficult to get a ticket. Try to avoid this date to travel from Athens to Paros.

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