Yoga holidays on a Greek Island

Come and join us for one week Hatha Yoga on Paros;

one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.


Safety first.....what about the virus?

Groups will not be bigger then max. 15 persons.

We all had to follow special courses of the Greek government, concerning safety and Covid-19.

Greece and especially Paros has been doing relatively very well with almost no Corona cases.

Thanks to strict measurements and a very fast lock down of the whole country.

So it is one of the safest places in Europe to go to for your holiday.

We, the people living here on the island, are more worried about the people comming and what they will take with them....

So if you booked with me, but last moment you don't feel well, please be honest with yourselve, don't take any risk.... and cancel. Even if it's last moment, if you cancel due to Corona, we will offer you to come another time, whenever it suits you, without extra costs.



What about payment, deposit and cancellations?

Due to Covid and the changes it made to the world, we also made some changes.

So this year you can make a reservation without paying anything in advance, we will ask no deposit at all.

We trust that you are serious about coming, and we stay in touch about last moment developments.

One month prior to the start of the yoga week, we will ask you to decide and to pay.

If you get sick in this last month, you can still cancel and come another time, without extra costs.


Yoga for every-body,

It does not matter if you are very stiff or very flexible, very strong or not at all, not even if you have specific limitations due to physical problems. I had a car accident myself and I have metal in my spine. So also me I can not do everything I could do before my car accident. For me that is what yoga is about; to learn what you can do but also to accept what you can not do (anymore) with your body. Therefor I teach small groups, so I can give enough personal attention and correction to everybody.

I teach yoga for all levels, from complete beginners who never did yoga berfore, up to yoga teachers who want to learn more in depth from my many years of experience.  Special focus on alignment, the use of props, connecting mind-breath-body, and the positive influence of yoga on the nervous system.


Yoga for all ages, (but below 18 only accompanied by an adult)


No competiton, you work on your own personal level. Individual correction. Use of props to adapt poses to do them better and/or longer. 


Yoga holiday, no bootcamp. Classes 10:00 - 12:30 and the rest of the day free to enjoy the island, the beach, the sea, the sun and the relaxed Greek lifestyle. If it is your first time to come, don't worrie about the 2 1/2 hour, time will fly, you will see. We start and finish with a bit of breathing, inbetween we do postures/Asana's. I will also take time to explain and show what to do and what not to do, and there is room to ask questions. Before you realize it, class is over, that's what everybody tell's me.


Food: we will have a welcome- and goodbye-dinner with the group, but the rest of the week you are free to eat where and with whom you want. There are plenty of nice, not expensive restaurants near by, five minutes walking distance. The Greek kitchen is very suitable for vegetarians and all restaurants use fresh and local products, many times even from their own garden.

From my side there are no restrictions for food and drinks; you can eat and drink whatever you want during this yoga holiday.

I am just a yoga teacher, not a Guru or a preacher. You are the boss of your life and your body. I just hope you will enjoy life, enjoy the yoga, enjoy Greece and enjoy Paros ;-)


The group......Sometimes people come together and  ofcourse that is fine. But this yoga holiday is very suitable also for solo travellers. If you like to travel alone, but also like to socialize sometimes a bit, here it is realy easy to make new friends. Since it is a small group of like minded people. But if you prefer to stay alone and read a book, that's fine also. Many of my clients are solo female travellers and after almost 30 years the whole village knows my cliëntele. It is quiet normal to be on your own on the beach or on a terrace and read a book. Nobody will look strange or bother you, not to order again and again, and not in another way.

The teacher

Teacher Oona Giesen started practicing Iyengar Yoga 45 years ago, around 1973. She was trained by Agnes Hillen, Margriet Post, Victor van Kooten and, most of all, her mother Jeanne Buntinx, who were all trained personally by mr B.K.S. Iyengar and were the founders of the Iyengar Yoga movement in the Netherlands. Oona grew up with yoga. She took her first yoga classes at the house of Margriet Post when she was about 8 years old. Her first yoga holiday, in 1973 in France, with Agnes Hillen-Mineur was the inspiration for what she is doing for almost 30 years now: organizing yoga holidays.

the yoga - Program 2021

After this week of yoga hopefully you will have a better understanding of your body, and of your body's possibility's and limitations, and the signals it gives you. The aim of yoga is not to perform the most difficult yoga poses. With that you can easily overdo it and cause injuries and hurt yourself. The aim of yoga is to learn to listen to your body and finding more space, strength and balance, by doing exercises. Being aware of your body during yoga allows you to expand your limits without hurting yourself. Coming to that edge of tension and then softening, rather than pushing, allows us to become more flexible. Making connection between breath, mind and body is calming down and makes you feel better with yourself. 


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The yoga courses are given on Paros, one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades. The Cyclades are a group of islands in the Aegean Sea between Athens and Crete, famous for its beauty and specatculaire architecture. No building is higher than two floors and most of the houses are the typical white houses with blue doors and windows.


Paros is the most central island of the Cyclades and there are several ferries (daily) to many other islands.




You will be staying in Aliki Panorama Hotel, situated only 300 meters away from the seafront, beautiful beaches and fishing village Aliki.


The hotel has 13 rooms with 31 single beds, but in some rooms we can make a double bed, if needed. Most rooms have 2 beds, some 3 or 4. Half of the rooms have balcony with seaview, the other half have a view towards some nice small Greek white houses (with the typical Cycladic style architecture), the swimmingpool and the mountain.


There is a bar with soft music, open for sunset drinks, a (not to big) swimmingpool with sun terrace and a fully equiped yoga shala. We provide towels for the swimmingpool but not for the beach. So take your own beach towel with you, or buy one in Aliki. You don't need to bring anything with you for the yoga, just comfortable clothes to wear.



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