I will make a donation of 10 € for each client coming to me for a yoga week, to do something for the local community. I will donate this to  a local project on Paros, Mesovounia (see bellow), and I will use it to have cats sterilized.

There are a lot of wild cats on Paros. We can not feed them all and keep them all healthy. We love cats, and they are also good to catch mice and other small animals we rather don't have inside.... But they are with too many now.....and it makes their live hard to survive. We believe that the only way to stop them from getting more and more, is to have them sterilized. We have bought two trap cages and we will bring wild cats to the vet regulary to be sterilized. We aim for two cats every week.



Kim decided in 2019 to move to Paros and live in an old house of the family with a big plot of land (15.000 sqm), close to Kostos in the middle of the island. The land was called already Mesovounia, which means in between the hills. The land has many old trees on it, and Kim is regenerating the land, planting new trees, but also make Mesovounia a safe heaven for (farm) animals in need of a good forever home. Recently she has taken several donkeys to take care of and has made them a good sheltered place.



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We are a member of CLEAN BLUE PAROS.  This organization is succesfully trying for years to educate business owners and visitors of Paros, to get Paros as much as possible plastic free. 

For example we don't use plastic bottles, and we don't use plastic straws, but straws from paper and corn. Also we provide a glass bottle in the refrigerator of your room, that you can refill with drinking water in the hallway. So you don't have to use (and carry) plastic bottles of water.

To safe water we don't change the beds and towels every day, but after 3 days, unless you put the towels on the floor or ask for new ones.