Covid regulation in Greece

Here is the link from the Greek government, where you can check yourself the last update of the regulations:


Greece and especially Paros has been doing very well with the virus;

Paros has had almost no Corona cases and there is plenty of space,

no mass tourism, so it is a safe place to go to.

Thanks to strict measurements and a very fast lock down of the whole country before.


My yoga groups will not be bigger then max. 12 persons. 

There is plenty of space in the yoga studio and I can open two big doors for fresh air.


Me, my family and the staff of the hotel/restaurant have all been vaccinated.


From december 2021, the new rules in Greece concerning Covid are:


Only people who are vaccinated ore recovered from Covid can go inside museum/theater/cinema, a gym/yoga class.

We do not have to wear masks inside the yoga room.

But inside with for example the supermarket or if you go to the toilet in a restaurant,

you have to wear a mask. Also when vaccinated.

All restaurant have tables outside, and our hotel/restaurant has a big terrace outside, with plenty of space and fresh air.

People working in tourism all had to follow special courses by the Greek Government,

concerning safety and Covid-19.


And of course we stay informed about the latest rules and measurements.


Going back home


It is different for all countries, and changing all the time, what is required when you return home from your holiday.

So please check with your own countries regulations what is needed on return.

If you need tests before going back home, let me know in time, so we can arrange it.

Tests can be done in Parikia, the maintown, 11 km away from Aliki, where we are.

In Aliki no tests can be done.