Yoga holidays on a Greek Island    

Come and join us for one week Hatha Yoga retreat on Paros.
One of the most beautiful islands of Greece.
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Oona Giesen

Aliki Yoga School - Aliki 3, PB 44048 - 84400 Paros - Greece
Mobile: 0030 69 79 351 951 - E-mail contact

Interview in the Dutch 'YOGA' magazine Nr 3 2014
(in English).


This yoga holiday is ideal for solo travellers, who like to travel alone, but also like to socialize a bit with a small group of people, with common interest. You can choose if you want to socialize with (some) people of the group, or not. To eat, swim, go hiking, or go to the main village Parikia, with other people of the group, or not. It is entirely your choice if you want to be more on your own, or with others, it is all possible. Your choice.


* Other teachers can also rent the yoga school and bring their own group. Contact us to find a suitable schedule.

* Any time of the year you can come and have your own private yoga course.


* Information about Oona Giesen on YouTube.

* 45 years experience with yoga and 25 years experience with teaching yoga.

* Member of the International Yoga Federation (IYF).

* Member of the European Yoga Federation (EYF).

* Member of the Vereniging van Yogadocenten Nederland (VYN).


What other people say about it:

* Her biggest joy is if she sees people leaving after class, lighter and more open than they were when they came in.

* I want to thank you again for the most enjoyable yoga practice that I have ever experienced.

* I think that I have fallen in love with both yoga and Greece. (Claire from the USA)

* We write about the yoga retreats that we have heard are among the best in the world. Yoga Paros is on our list, thanks to the great feedback from your past guests.

* I have not experienced anyone who has the warmth of teaching and knowledge you have. I know the people I have met through your workshops all think you are one of the best.......... I now continuingly compare every yoga teacher to you. It is hard to find someone of your calibre. (Tania from England).


What kind of yoga?

Hatha yoga, based on the system of mr. B.K.S. Iyengar, but with a softer aproach.

Yoga helps you to be in better contact with your body. Yoga helps you, to find more balance, more strength, and more flexibility. Yoga helps to calm down the nerves, it brings down the bloodpresure and the heart beat. Therefor it is extremely helpfull in this modern times with a lot of external presure and competition. It can help to reduce stress related simptoms such as headach, stomach problems, sleeping problems and so on. Because of the importance of the alignment and the spine in many yoga exercises, it is also very helpfull against back pain. You don't need to be 'super-fit' to do yoga. Everybody has stronger and weaker parts in his body. By paying a lot of attention to this while doing the yoga-poses, and by continuing this attention throughout the day, you will reach a better balance.

Oona Giesen started with Iyengar Yoga 45 years ago, around 1973, when she was eight years old. She was trained by Agnes Hillen, Margriet Post, Victor van Kooten and most of all, by her mother Jeanne Buntinx. These yoga teachers were all trained personally by mr B.K.S. Iyengar and were one of the first yogateachers in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Oona started teaching Iyengar based Hatha Yoga 25 years ago, in her mothers yoga school in Amsterdam/The Netherlands. She started the first yoga school on the island Paros in Greece. Although she has a softer approach, you can feel the influences of B.K.S. Iyengar in her classes. She became expert by exp-erience in managing backpain with yoga sinece she broke her spine in a car accident in 1998 and since then recovered herself extremely well with her yoga. (For more information about this go in and click on the button interviews)

The Hatha Yoga courses on Paros hereby offered have a duration of six days with five days of yoga lessons. Classes will be 2 1/2 hour in the morning (5 times from 10:00 - 12:30), and additional 3 times 1 1/2 hour classes in the afternoon for the standard yoga week. The light yoga week has only the morning classes. The rest of the time is free for yourself, other activities, and to enjoy the island.

Classes start and end with 10- 15 minutes of breathing/relaxation. The rest of the class we do asanas. Props will be used (pillows, blankets, belts and so on) to adapt the exercises to your own level. People of all levels are welcome; also those without yoga experience. The groups will be limited in size (maximum 10-12 persons) so that individual attention and correction is possible. Classes are in English.



* The dutch yoga magazine YOGA came to Paros and wrote an 8 page article about Oona's yoga holidays.

* Everything you want to know about Aliki:

* It is also possible to go scuba diving in Aliki. Everybody who does yoga with me, gets a 10 % discount for diving from Sarah, the owner of Cycladic Diving School Aliki.

* Chaniotis car & moto rental if you want to rent a car, bicycle or motorbike.

* Horse riding in the area of Naoussa: Thanassos farm.

* Butterfly Valley.

* Boattrip with 'Rofos'.

* Windsurfing.

* Kite surfing in the area of Pounta.

* Sculpting with JessyBoelen.

* Tango Mar beach restaurant/lounge bar in Livadia, beach Parikia.

* Magaya beach restaurant/lounge bar, close to Parikia, on the other side.
One of my favorite places to go, if you want something else.

Links Paros general info


Our site in Dutch and English about Aliki. To make reservations for renting a bicycle, car or motorbike, an apartment or room and "Things to do" and so on.


When you go for holidays to Greece let us show you the way (in Dutch):


* Click here to look direct, live stream at the port of Paros.

* To have a nice film of Aliki, click here.

* Another film of Aliki on You Tube.

* De Griekse Gids, General info in Dutch about Greece.

* Aliki and everything you can find there.

* Here you will find information about the Greek Islands.

* Accommodation in Drios at the south/east side of Paros.

* Information in dutch about i.a. Greece,

* Griechenland Insider Urlaub

Travelling links

For flying to Athens from the Netherlands.

* Transavia,

* KLM,

* Aegean Air,

* Swiss Air and

* Lufthansa.

(TIP voor Nederlanders: als je tijdig boekt en een beetje soepel kan zijn met de data, kan je voor ongeveer 200 Euro retour vliegen met Transavia. Je kan ook op de site van D-reizen of Vliegwinkel kijken, dan krijg je verschillende mogelijkheden.)

For flying to Athens from the United Kingdom or France,

* Easy Jet and

* Aegean Air.

For flying to Athens from Germany or Switzerland.

* Swiss Air,

* Lufthansa and

* Aegean Air.

For flying from Athens to Paros.

* Olympic Air and

* Aegean Air.

They fly 4 x a day, but seats are limited.

The boat from Athens to Paros.

* For the website of Blue Star Ferries click here.

* Polos Tours, the best local tourist office. For more boats (other companies) and more information.

* And if you need to spend the night in Athens there is a hotel close to the airport. You can also rent a room for a few hours, to relax, go to the swimmingpool and/or sauna.

* General information about traveling to Paros.

Yoga links

* My page on Face Book.

* HYA Hellenic Yoga Association.

* VYN Vereniging Yogadocenten Nederland.

* IYF International Yoga Federation.




* ...more yoga in Greece...


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